100' Patriotic Suspended String Light Kit - Ceramic
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100' Patriotic Festival String Light Kit - Suspended - S14 Ceramic Glass Bulbs

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Price: $247.45
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Item Description:

100 ft. Ceramic Patriotic Commercial Light Strand Kit

50 ceramic bulbs and 100 foot suspended light strand are included

Show the true American in you! This kit comes complete with a 100 foot black suspended and 16 red ceramic light bulbs, 16 blue ceramic light bulbs & 18 clear ceramic light bulbs. Great for lighting festive interiors and exteriors including building outlines, patio lighting, gazebos, porches, tents, streets and many other applications.

Heavy-duty factory-molded sockets on 14-gauge wire is suitable for commercial applications. Formulated PVC socket forms a tight weatherproof seal around the bulb. CANNOT be plugged end-to-end.

S14 Ceramic Light Bulbs

The included red, white, and blue ceramic glass bulbs last a long time, lasting approximately 3,000 to 5,000 hours (3 times longer than standard lamps). The extra thick glass filament with nickel base ensures durability and extended life even in outdoor conditions. The long-lasting, waterproof ceramic colors are double-dipped for uniformity and color saturation.

black suspended commercial light strand kit measurements

These are the measurements for how far down your
suspended commercial light strand will hang.

  • Features:

    Light Strand Specs

    • Light strand color: Black
    • Maximum run: 1200 watts
    • Total length: 100-ft
    • Space between bulbs: 24-in
    • Number of sockets: 50
    • Lead: 8-ft
    • Connection: Single-End
    • 14 gauge wire
    • 120 volts
    • Indoor/Outdoor use
    • PVC socket forms a tight weatherproof seal
    • Outside temperature rating: 220 degree F

    S14 Ceramic Bulb Specs

    • Color: Red, White, Blue
    • Material: Extra Thick Glass w/ Nickel Base
    • Average Life: 3,000 - 5,000 Hours
    • Wattage: 11W
    • Voltage: 130V
  • Great For:
    • Festive interiors & exteriors
    • Building outlines
    • Patios
    • Gazebos
    • Porches
    • Tents
    • Streets
  • Pair With:
  • Downloads:
  • Includes
    • 50 Ceramic Bulbs (16 Red, 18 White, 16 Blue)
    • 100' Suspended Strand

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