Spright Firefly Projection Light - Green

Turn Your Landscape Into a Nighttime Oasis!When projected up close the BlissLight Spright adds a modern lighting accent to your yard.When projected from a distance, the BlissLight Spright creates a firefly like glow.Great for holiday and special event lighting! Amaze your family and friends!Project the Spright on your house for a sparkling display.Project the Spright onto your bushes and enjoy sparkling as the wind blows.Easy to use: Point, plug and enjoy!  Each unit covers 25' x 25'Project the Spright onto your bushes and enjoy sparkling as the wind blows.


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Item Description:

The Commercial Grade BlissLight Spright is a magical fixture that transforms your yard into an oasis of light. Simply point your fixture and watch the glowing fireflies bring it to life. BlissLights combines holographic, laser and lighting technology to bring you a truly amazing experience.

Each unit provides 25 feet x 25 feet of coverage area which replaces 4 standard landscape lighting fixtures or hundreds of feet of rope lighting. With an average electrical usage of just 3 watts in temperature above 55°F and 8 watts in temperatures below 55°F the BlissLight Spright is more energy efficient then LED lighting.

Easy to Do Lighting Tips

  • Use the Spright to highlight special landscape features like - large trees, gazebos, arbors, gardens, etc.
  • Illuminate water features like ponds or fountains.
  • Aim the Spright projection onto a pool for a fun swimming experience.
  • Combine with colored accent lights to create an exciting atmosphere.
  • Holiday lighting without the ladder - set up in less than 5 minutes.
  • Bring your BlissLight Spright inside to illuminate your home.
  • Project thousands of stars onto the ceiling in your bedroom, kid's room or home theatre.
  • Use the spright in your dining room to create a romantic dining experience.

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