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Dark Metal Gray Cylinder Decorative String Lights - 10 Lights

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Item Description:

Gray Metal Cylinder String Lights

Decorative lighting can add an ambience and appeal to your decorations that even words can't describe. Metal Gray Cylinder string lights do just that. These decorative lights come with 10 dark gray metal cylinders on an 8.5 foot string of lights on a brown wire. These lights can be hung indoor or outdoor for an aesthetic patio string light appeal or indoors to warm your dining room.

  • Features:

    Designer Light Specs

    • Lights: 10 Mini Incandescent Clear Bulbs
    • Cylinders: Approx. 2.5" x 3"
    • Wire: Brown
    • Total Length: 8.5 Feet
    • Lighted Length: 6 Feet
    • Lead Wire: 2 Feet
    • Spacing: 8 Inches
    • End Connect: 6 inches
    • Connection: End-to-End (Up to 3 Sets)
    • Indoor/Outdoor
    • UL Listed

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