G50 Patio Party String Light Set
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G50 Patio Party String Light Set - 10 Lights

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Item Description:

G50 Globe Patio String Lights

Outdoor Patio Globe String Lights

Our G50 patio string lights come on a 10 foot brown wire with a capability of connecting up to 6 sets together. Each of these G50 string light sets has a 9 foot lighted length and if you get six strands you can obtain a lighted length of 54 feet!

  • Features:
    • Lights: 10 Clear G50 Bulbs
    • Wire: Brown
    • Total Length: 10 ft.
    • Lighted Length: 9 ft.
    • Connection: End-to-End (Up to 6 Sets)
    • Indoor/Outdoor
    • UL Listed

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