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18' Gold Rope Light - 3/8" Diameter

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Item Description:

18' Gold Rope Light - 3/8" Diameter

Gold Rope/Tube Light

Gold Rope Light is 18 feet long and can connect up to 150 feet of tube lighting. Rope Lights and Linear Light Strands are a great way to add accent lighting to any interior or exterior decorating project. End to end connections allow for lengths of all sizes!

PLEASE BE ADVISED!3/4" End-To-End Connection(s) will only work with other 3/8" Dia. Tube Lights. Lights will NOT function with smaller or larger diameter tubes.

brite star rope tube light mounting hardware

Included mounting hardware clip for use with any
Brite Star rope/tube lights.

  • Features:
    • 18' Gold Rope Light
    • 3/8" (13mm) Diameter
    • 3/4" Connectors
    • End to end connection up to 150'
    • Power cord included
    • Spare fuses and mounting hardware included

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