Green LED String Light Reel
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Green LED String Light Reel - Green Wire - 200 Lights

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Item Description:

Green LED Christmas String Lights

Wide Angle Green LED Light Strand Reel

Green LED Indoor/Outdoor String Light reel comes with 200 green LED lights on a 53 foot green wire. The life of these green Christmas lights will be 10 times longer than traditional mini lights.

LED green party string light set is made with LED chips which have an excessive long life. The chip will last as long as the set and is not replaceable.

  • Features:
    • 2' Lead Wire
    • 4" End Connect
    • Indoor/Outdoor
    • 200 Green LED Lights
    • Approx. 53' Total Length
    • Cool-to-touch bulbs
    • Break resistant
    • Average life of 25,000 hours
  • UPC018277236657

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