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Owl Party String Lights - LED Owl Lights
Owl Party String Light Strand Connector
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LED Owl Party String Lights - 10 Owls - 15.42 Feet

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Price: $17.95
You Save $10.00!

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Item Description:

LED Owl Party String Lights

Owl String Lights

These LED owl party string lights come on a 15.42 party string light strand that has a 6.5 foot lead wire. This leaves you with approximately 9 feet of lighted length. 9 feet of Owl party string lights with the ability to connect up to 3 strands together. Durable plastic construction of these LED owl party string lights allows for temporary outdoor use of the LED Owl lights.

  • Features:

    Owl Party String Light Specs

    • Length: 15.42 Feet
    • Lighted Length: Approx 9 Feet
    • Lead Wire: 6.5 Feet
    • Spacing: 11.8 Inches Between Lights
    • Lights: White LED Owls
    • Construction: Durable Plastic
    • End to End Connection: Up To 3 Sets
    • Cool Contact When lit
    • Temporary Outdoor Use (Max 90 Days)

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