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LED Solar Powered Rocket Lights PS50 Glass Covers

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Item Description:

PS50 Glass LED Solar Powered Patio String Lights

Solar Powered LED PS50 Rocket String Lights

Solar powered LED string lights with PS50 glass covers are energy saving lights in two ways. They use solar power and feature 10 LED lights. Solar LED PS50 string lights have glass light covers for weather resistance.

PS50 solar powered LED glass cover rocket string lights

Decorate your outdoor patio area or beer garden with these
stylish solar powered LED PS50 rocket string lights.

  • Features:
    • Indoor/Outdoor
    • 10 LED PS50 Rocket Lights
    • Uses 91) AA Rechargeable Battery
    • Solar Powered
    • Brown Wire
    • String to String Connection Up to 5 Sets
    • Lighted Length: 6 ft.
    • Total Length: 12.66 ft.

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