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ThermaCELL Personal Mosquito Repellent

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Item Description:

Personal Mosquitto Repellent

ThermaCELL insect repellent appliance repels mosquitoes, black flies, and other flying insects from your yard. The device is lightweight, weighing only 0.7 lbs. Compact and portable, this insect repellent is ideal for backyards, decks, gardening, and any outdoor social events. No open flames, no lotions, no sprays, and no oils involved.

The ThermaCELL insect repellent operates on just one butane cartridge. Butane heats the repellent mat that releases allethrin, a synthetic copy of a natural repellent.

Includes: 1 butane cartridge (lasts up to 12 hours), 3 insect repellent mats (each lasts up to 4 hours)

  • Features:
    • Active Ingredient: Allethrin
    • Effective Hours: 12 hours
    • Weight: 0.7 lbs
    • Operation: 1 butane cartridge
    • Coverage Area: 225 sqt. ft.
  • Great For:
    • Backyards
    • Decks
    • Gardening
    • Social Events
    • Spectator Sports
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