Orange Ceramic Light Bulbs 11 Watt S14 Medium Base - 25 Pack
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Orange Ceramic Light Bulbs - 11 Watt S14 Medium Base - 25 Pack

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Price: $18.95
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Item Description:

S14 Ceramic Light Bulbs

Orange Ceramic S14 Light Bulbs - 11 Watt

Orange Ceramic Commercial Light Strand Light Bulbs come in a pack of 25 light bulbs. Use these orange ceramic light bulbs to decorate your commercial light strand. Ceramic light bulbs have a long life, lasting up to 5,000 hours (3 times longer than standard lamps).

Use with our collection of Commercial Linear Light Strands:

orange ceramic S14 light bulbs

S14 orange ceramic light bulbs will make as a great light source
for commercial grade light strands for any festive occassion.

  • Features:
    • Extra thick glass with nickel base ensures durability
    • Long-lasting, waterproof ceramic colors are double-dipped for uniformity and color saturation
    • Estimated 3,000 - 5,000 hours average life (3x longer than standard specialty lamps) save in both maintenance and replacement costs
    • 130V Operation For Extended Life
    • Extra filament supports extended life in outdoor conditions
    • Sold in multiples of 25 (full boxes) only
    • You may contact us if you require a special order size

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