Pull-N-Go All-In-One Portable VHF
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Pull-N-Go All-In-One Portable VHF PA System

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Item Description:

An all-in-one portable VHF wireless PA system with rechargeable batteries. The Pull-N-Go All-In-One is a portable self-contained PA system containing a retractable dolly, 20 AHr rechargeable batteries, a vibration resistant CD player, a dual-channel wireless microphone system, a built-in amplifier and a speaker.

The wireless microphone system includes a handhled microphone, a belt-pack wireless transmitter, a headset microphone, and a lavaliere microphone. The built-in anti-shock CD player allows the users to play music or other sound effects for their particular applications.

An AUX input and output connector is provided to have this PA System unit capable of being used with any other PA or audio systems. One 1/4" connector is provided to be used as an electric guitar input or a microphone input.

The combination of the built-in amplifier and the speaker provide 120W maximum power output to achieve effective PA applications. A dust cover is provided for keeping the unit clean. A heavy-duty accessory carrying bag is provided for storing all accessories.

Overall, the Pull-N-Go All-In-One Wireless PA System is designed and manufactured to be a versatile, user-friendly, convenient and reliable system.


  • Heavy-Duty Canvas Dust Cover
  • Heavy-Duty Canvas Accessory Bag
  • Features:
    • Built-in anti-shock CD player, USB and SD card readers
    • 120W power delivered through a horn and 12" woofer
    • Two built-in wireless microphones
    • Two built-in rechargeable batteries (20 AH)
    • Built-in FM tuner
    • One 1/4" microphone input
    • AUX audio input
    • AUX aduio output
    • Built-in casters and retractable dolly
    • Remote Control for the built-in CD player
    • Built-in internal-speaker-mounting top hat
    • Rugged and durable casing

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