Pure White C9 LED Party String Lights
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Amazing! Light Show Pure White LED C9 Faceted Lights - 15 Lights

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Item Description:

Multi Function C9 Pure White LED String Lights

Pure White C9 LED Christmas Light Show

A Dazzling Pure White Multi Function C9 LED Party Lights come with 15 C9 lights on a green light strand with a lighted length of approximately 14 feet. Connect up to 45 sets of the same model (that is a whopping 697 feet of amazing lights). This amazing light show will be sure to impress anyone who lays eyes on it.

multi function C9 pure white LED lights

Create a dazzling LED light show for the holiday season with
these C9 pure white LED Christmas string lights!

pure white multi function C9 LED string lights

This amazing LED light show will surely impress anyone
as a beautiful Christmas light display.

pure white multi function C9 LED string lights

The Multi Function Pure White C9 LED String Lights come
with 15 C9 faceted LED lights on a 14 foot green cord.

  • Features:
    • 15 LED pure White Lights
    • C9 Faceted
    • Green Wire
    • Approx. 14 ft. lighted length.
    • 12" Lead Wire
    • 12" Spacing
    • 6" End Connect
    • Continuous Revolving 5 Pattern Set
    • Connect up to 45 Continuous Sets (of same model)

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