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18' Red Rope Light - 3/8" Diameter

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Item Description:

18' Red Rope Light - 3/8" Diameter

Red Rope/Tube Light

Red Rope Light is 18 feet long and can be connected up to 150 feet of rope lights. Rope Lights and Linear Light Strands are a great way to add accent lighting to any interior or exterior decorating project. End to end connections allow for lengths of all sizes!

brite star rope tube light mounting hardware

Included mounting hardware clip for use with any
Brite Star rope/tube lights.


This item is subject to limited availability. Please contact us with any questions regarding this item.
PLEASE BE ADVISED!3/4" End-To-End Connection(s) will only work with other 3/8" Dia. Tube Lights. Lights will NOT function with smaller or larger diameter tubes.
  • Features:
    • 18' Red Rope Light
    • 3/8" (13mm) Diameter
    • 3/4" Connectors
    • End to end connection up to 150'
    • Power cord included
    • Spare fuses and mounting hardware included
  • UPC021995371630

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