Replacement C9 Stringlight Bulbs - 4 Pack - Ceramic Red

Red Ceramic C9 Stringlight Bulbs - 4 Pack

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Item Description:

Red C9 Light Bulb Replacements

C9 String Light Light Bulb Replacement - Ceramic Red

Replace broken or dead C9 light bulbs with these ceramic red C9 light bulb replacements. C9 red light bulbs are great for decorating for Christmas, New Years, Patriotic holidays, and other festive occasions.

red ceramic C9 string light bulbs

Ceramic Red C9 light bulb set comes with 4 C9 lamp
replacements for string light strands.

  • Features:
    • C9 type bulbs
    • Ceramic red
    • 7 watts
    • 125 volts
    • 4 pack

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