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1' x 4' Flat-Panel LED Troffer Light - White

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Price: $225.95
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SKU: RCA-T14B3310DU40

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Item Description:

1' x 4' Flat-Panel White LED Troffer Light

A high quality, LED ceiling panel is the new solution for commercial lighting. Optimized Luminance is a new concept involving reflective applied film to maximize the uniformity of light and ensures brightness without the use of a light guide plate. Incorporated with energy-efficient transformer technology, this LED troffer light offers 100,000 long hours of life at L70, providing significant savings in time and money.

The LED troffer light panel is non-LGP and is designed to bounce the light off the back of housing instead of Plexiglass. The flat-panel light is fully sealed, eliminating the need to clean the ceiling fixture. Optional (0V-10V) dimmer switch can be installed, capable of dimming the lamp up to 10% of full brightness. TAA-compliant, this white LED troffer light is ideal for government facilities and commercial office buildings.

  • Features:
    • Color: White
    • Color Temperature: 4000K
    • Dimmable: Yes
    • Hours of Life: 100,000 hours at L70
    • Voltage: 120V-277V
    • TAA-Compliant

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