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Commercial HD Pro Series String Lights

Commercial HD Pro String lights are a heavy duty version of normal string lights and are built to withstand weather conditions for long term all year use. These Pro Series light strands can be used both indoor and outdoor for commercial applications such as your restaurant or any place of business or maybe you want to host an outdoor event like a wedding or party.

What is the difference between C7, C9 and Medium Base?

When trying to determine what light strand is the one for you a common decision that must be made is Socket Type.

  • Medium Base String Lights mean that they have an E26 Medium Base Socket. A medium base socket is the same socket size as a standard household light bulb socket and they fit an E26 Light Bulb base.
  • C9 Intermediate Base String Lights mean that they have an E17 Intermediate Base Socket and they fit C9 light bulbs. This is commonly known as the old-school traditional Christmas Light Bulb size.
  • C7 Candelabra Base String Lights mean that they have an E12 Candelabra Base Socket and they fit C7 light bulbs. These light bulbs are often used in a Chandelier type fixture but have become extremely popular for use in commercial string lights.
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