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Pole Mount Insect Trap

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Price: $139.99
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Item Description:

Rain water storage creates an additional lure for an increased catch rate. Convenient decorative pole mount with weighted base. Effectively lures and eliminates mosquitoes using TiO2 photo catalysis. Eliminates other flying insects including flies, wasps, moths, etc. 15W (watt) electric consumption is economical; just under $2/month.

Easy-to-clean and maintain. DC (direct current) fan with ultra-long life and whisper quiet operation. Durable all-weather construction. Completely nontoxic; does not require any additional lures or attractants.

  • Features:
    • Rain water storage
    • Decorative pole mount
    • Weighted base
    • TiO2 photo catalysis
    • 15W electric consumption
    • Easy-to-clean
    • DC fan
    • Whisper quiet operation
    • Nontoxic

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