FLEXCHANGE Multi-Color Frosted LED String Light Strand
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FLEXCHANGE LED String Light Strand - 50 Multi-Color Frosted Lights

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Item Description:

Multi Color LED Flexchange String Lights

Flexchange Multi Color LED Light Strand

FLEXCHANGE™ - a revolutionary LED technology that provides versatility and durability.

FLEXCHANGE™ lights are polarity specific, similar to the older non-replaceable version, the bulbs are specifically designed to only fit in one way. They cannot be incorrectly inserted into a socket. Current will flow through the chip every time the strand is powered.

This new technology eliminates the need for power specific sockets. All FLEXCHANGE™ light sockets are carefully designed to accept all FLEXCHANGE™ styles and chip colors. Non-replaceable LED light sets have permanently fixed covers and non replaceable chips since this older technology could not address the differing power needs of each color chip.

This patent pending design is a sealed light system with non-corrosive components offering worry-free indoor and outdoor use. Additionally the LED bulb fits snugly into the socket to ensure correct wire contact and reliability even outdoors, exposed to nature's elements including wind and ice.

flexchange multi color LED light strand

Flexchange LED string lights are great for decorating your
Christmas decorations and lighting up your patio.

flexchange multi-color LED christmas string lights

Multi-color Flexchange LED light strand comes with 50
multi-color frosted lights on a 25 foot green cord.

  • Features:
    • 50 LED Multi-Color Frosted Lights
    • Each strand is .04amp allowing up to 40 sets to be strung together
    • 120V and 60 Hertz
    • Indoor/outdoor use
    • Multi-Color Frosted Bulbs / Green Cord
    • 4" lead, 4" tail, 6" between lights
    • 25' approx. strand length
    • If one bulb goes out the rest stay lit
  • UPC009326704845

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