Pure White LED Starry Fairy Dew Drop String Lights
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Pure White LED Starry Fairy Dewdrop String Lights

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Item Description:

Pure White LED Fairy Dewdrop Lights

LED Pure White Fairy String Lights

Virtually invisible light string that can be easily manipulated for a multitude of lighting installations. Lights are placed on a thin wire to give a starry fairy dewdrop look.


  • Constructed with thin wire that is break resistant and holds its shape
  • Super bright LEDs with 360 degree viewing
  • Available in battery operated or plug in ( this set is plug in type)
  • Perfect for decorating centerpieces and greenery
  • Suitable for temporary outdoor use
  • Features:
    • Voltage: 12V 60Hz Ac Operation
    • Construction: .4 mm copper wire covered in silver
    • Wattage: 2.5W - 4" spacing
    • 33.3 ft. length
    • 100 LED Lights, Non-Dimmable
    • Maximum run: 1 set (not an end to end connecting set)
    • Rated Life: 60,000 hours (average life) for WW and PW and 100,000 hours (average life) for all other colors
  • Great For:Temporary Outdoor Use

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