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Light Bulb Changing Kit - 11' Extension

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Price: $29.99
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Item Description:

Light Bulb Changer Kit

Change Light Bulbs Easily and Efficiently

This light bulb changing kit allows you to reach a light bulb easily. Bulb changing kit includes a flood light bulb changer for par and R bulbs, an A-line incandescent light bulb changer, quick release system adapter and a 3-section, 11 foot telescopic pole with a quick release system adapter. With this light bulb changing extension pole you will elminate the need for a ladder. The light bulb changer head snaps on to eliminate unscrewing while changing.

  • Features:

    Light Bulb Changing Kit Specs

    Kit Includes:
    • Flood Light Bulb Changer
    • A-Line Incandescent Light Bulb Changer
    • Quick Release System Adapter
    • 3 Section 11 Foot Telescopic Pole

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