LumenPlay App-Enabled LED Starter Light String - 12 C9 Faceted Lights
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LumenPlay App-Enabled LED Starter Light String - C9/Clear/Faceted 12 Bulbs

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Price: $57.95
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Item Description:

Take control of your lighting with Lumenplay app-enabled lights. Lumenplay enables smart control of lighting with interactive, wireless control, mobile gaming, and social sharing to bring a home, commercial or retail space to life. Brought to you by S4 Lights, a leader in premier, innovative LED lighting solutions, Lumenplay offers customization and fun, backed by premium quality.

Using a simple, sleek app interface, you can customize colors, effects and visualize music. See your home, commercial or retail outlet in a whole new light by transforming the ambience - all from a smart device.

The Lumenplay LED Classic C9 Starter Light string (12L) comes with a Lumenplay controller that wirelessly pairs to a smart device and acts as a personalized remote. Download the free Lumenplay app, and you are ready to play. Using Bluetooth Smart technology, Lumenplay offers touchless connection. A string of 12 RGB LEDs is included and features the classic C9 bulb design. Add Extender Strings (sold separately) for larger designs and play with up to 500 lights.

The Lumenplay app is, and always will be, available for free to download, control and play. Once inside, the opportunities are endless.

Color + Effects
Create unique designs through color. Choose from over 16 million colors, and save them for later in the custom color palette. Put your color palette in motion with a carousel of effects. Once you have found the perfect effect, speed it up, slow it down or change the direction. Love your custom scene? Save it, name it, and share it with friends!

Lumenplay does not pre-bag a few songs, instead you choose from your music, set it to the colors you choose, and a custom light show is created.

The Lumenplay collection of starter and extender sets are designed to work together: daisy chain extenders onto a starter, or create multiple objects using multiple starters. It is easy to add more light sets at any time and control them all individually or simultaneously.

  • Features:
    • 12 C9 bulbs (RGB LEDs) on green wire
    • App-Enabled
    • 6" Lead Wire
    • 12' Total Length
    • End-to-End Connection
    • Standard Plug
    • Controller with 24" lead
    • End-to-end connection (up to 500 lights)
    • 12" bulb spacing, 6" tail
    • 120V standard plug; CSA-US certified
    • .3 watt per lamp
    • Indoor/outdoor
    • Premium color box packaging

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