Warm White Starburst Spritzer Firework Light - 16
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16" WW Twinkle Starburst Spritzer Firework Light - 96L

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Price: $20.95
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Item Description:

Warm White Twinkle Starburst Spritzer Light

The silver wrapped branches give these starburst branch light a dazzling burst of lighting reflectivity. They are made with LED lights for a long-lasting and energy efficient bursting display. Use as a standalone eye-catching burst of light display, or mix in with other decorations. They come with fully bendable branches allowing for an endless array of creative display opportunities.

A bursting fireworks display of light!

  • Features:
    • Size: 16" silver wrapped starburst with 96 5MM warm white LED lights
    • Display: Built in hook for hanging
    • Usage: indoor / outdoor use
    • Power Wire: Approximate 2' 10-inch lead wire
    • Approximate 36" daisy chain lead allows for multiple sets to be hooked together
    • Power: 120v Transformer to Low Voltage
    • Note: One light goes out, the rest stay lit
  • Great For:
    • Weddings
    • Back yard decoration
    • Party Events
    • Outdoor eating gardens
    • Floral arrangements

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