Warm White Twinkling Pathway Lights - Set of 3 BS-39200
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Warm White Twinkling Pathway Lights - Set of 3

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Price: $29.95
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SKU: BS-39200

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Item Description:

Pre-Lit LED Pathway Tree Marker

Mark your pathways and landscape with pre-lit twinkling LED trees. These pathway tree markers will illuminate your front yard in a warm white glow. Each set comes with 3 pre-lit white branches which have 16" cord between each branch . The branches are approx. 30 inches tall with 20 warm white LED lights per branch.

  • Features:
    • Lights: 60 LEDs total
    • Light Color: Warm White
    • Branch Color: White
    • Size: Each branch approx. 30 Inches Tall with 20 LED's per branch

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