Festive Turkey Party String Lights Thanksgiving turkey party string lights

Turkey Party String Lights - Heritage Hen

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Item Description:

Decorate your dining room for Thanksgiving with the Festive Turkey Lights! Mix and match with other Thanksgiving lights for a real party pleaser!

To view The Kentucky Tom turkey string lights Click Here.

  • Features:
    • Indoor/Outdoor
    • 10 Turkey String Light Covers
    • Light set comes with 2 light cords. (1)12' cord(12"spacing) AND (1)6.5' cord(6" spacing)
    • End-to-End Connection
    • About 2.5" H x 2" W x 3" D
    • UL Listed
    • Easy Assembly - just snap on covers and plug in!

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by jeff on November 11, 2013

I love my turkey lights! I ordered a string of turkey lights and hung them outside with cornstalks on my pillars on my front porch. They look so cool! - Sue

by jeff on November 1, 2013

How great that OogaLights continues to offer great "novelty" lights for holidays. The turkey lights are great and are about half the price of the other online stores. - Happy Burbank California Customer

by joe on August 20, 2013

My family love these lights at our family picnic. Can't wait to put up for Thanksgiving! Brenda C.

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