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Garland String Lights - White Lights - White Wire - 600 Lights - 20 Feet

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Item Description:

White Lights on White Wire Garland Christmas Lights

Christmas Garland Light Strands

White Garland Christmas string lights on a white wirecome with 600 mini lights on an approximate 20 foot light strand to create a beaiutiful White christmas light set. The complete lighted length of this christmas garland light strand is 18 feet. This light is perfect for wrapping garland around railings, trees, bushes and shrubbery.

white christmas garland string lights

White garland string lights come with 600 white
lights on a 20 foot white wire.

  • Features:

    Christmas Garland Specs

    • Total Length: 19.3'
    • Lighted Length: 18'
    • Bulb Size: Mini
    • Bulb Color: Clear
    • 600 Lights
    • Wire Color: White
    • Indoor/Outdoor

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