60W LED Balloon Light Kit SD-60W-KIT
60W LED Balloon Light Kit - Light Fixture
60W LED Balloon Light Kit - Tripod
60W LED Balloon Light Kit - Attachment
60W LED Balloon Light Kit - Attachment
60W LED Balloon Light Kit - Attachment
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60W LED Balloon Light Kit

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Price: $235.95
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Item Description:

60W LED Balloon Light with Stand Kit

The SeeDevil 60w LED Balloon Light is a very versatile and portable LED Balloon light. They have a wide number of uses, from outdoor construction, indoor construction, warehouse lighting, and jobsite lighting. The SeeDevil LED Balloon lights are very energy efficient, and they are made from a quality nylon that makes it extremely durable.

Camping Advantages

When camping with diffused light, you experience a gentler and more organic brightness, which decreases glare and fosters a cozy environment suitable for tasks such as cooking or reading. This type of lighting also diminishes shadows, improves visibility, and maintains the peaceful ambiance of the outdoor surroundings.

Sporting Events

Effective lighting in sporting events not only emphasizes pivotal moments but also crafts an immersive spectacle, enhancing the playing field and enriching the overall experience for athletes and spectators alike.

SeeDevil Lighting Kit
  • Downloads: Data Sheet (PDF)
  • Features:
    • Quick and easy setup
    • Glare-free lighting
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Versatile and compact design
    • Wide area coverage with 360° illumination
    • Engineered with 130 lumen per watt Samsung chips
    • 7,800 lumens, < 1.0 operating amps, 120 volt-input
    • Over 5,000 square feet of brilliant illumination
    • Internal blower inflates balloon and cools LED panels
    • Included: heavy-duty sliding tripod extending to 6.5'
    • Included mounts: 2" C-clamp, eye bolt, tripod adapter
    • LED Balloon Light diffuser is constructed of heat and water-resistant, UV protected nylon
    • Removable balloon cover. Hand washable with mild soap.
    • UL approved, RoHS, FCC, CE; IP42 rated
    • 15' spec. grade power cord

   5.0 / 5 • 3 reviews

by on October 16, 2020

I purchased for late night college student programming. The lights work great. They cast a good amount of light. I would recommend.

by on February 6, 2020

Great product for the price

by on October 31, 2019

Great for lighting my garage and small outside event

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