C7 String Lights Sets

C7 Globe and Torpedo Style String Light Kits

Comparing a incandescent to a LED C7: a incandescent C7 bulb uses around 5 watts apiece compared to a LED C7 which uses less than 1 watt each. Using a LED C7 allows more bulbs to be used on a single run without maxing out the light string wattage rating. LED C7 bulbs are also cool to the touch and available in a wide assortment of colors from white, cool white, yellow, amber, blue, red, purple, and green.

C7 LED bulbs are similar in size to a standard nightlight bulb and have a candelabra (E12) base. When measuring the base of the bulb if it measures 12mm or just short of a ½ inch (.47), it is a C7 bulb.

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