LED Remote Controlled Sphere Light - 8"
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LED Remote Control Lighted Sphere - 8"

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Item Description:

LED Remote Controlled Sphere Light

The LED remote control sphere light has 9 color changing lights with a 12 hour run time. This light is perfect to pair with more of these lights to create a mystical atmosphere. They chage in 4-6 hours and run for 12 hours.

  • Features:

    LED Light Specs

    • Size: 7.88" W x 7.09" H
    • Lights: 9 RGB LED's w/ 12 Hour Run Time
    • Run Time: 12 Hours
    • Charge Time: 4-6 Hours
    • Colors: 16 Different Colors
    • Color Functions: Flash / Time / Smooth
    • Infrared Remote Controls: Colors / Brightness / On/Off
    • Battery: 3.7V 2000mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable Internal Battery
    • Housing: White Impact Resistant Durable PE Plastic Rotomolded Housing for a Clean Modern Look
    • Water Resistance: IP44 Rating for Indoor/Outdoor Use - Do Not Float or Submerge
    • Sealable Direct Plug In Charging Hole and On/Off Switch on Base of Light

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