Warm White LED Bistro String Lights - 10 Lights
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Bistro Patio String Lights Warm White LED - 10 Lights

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Item Description:

Warm White LED Bistro Patio String Lights - 10 Lights

These Warm White LED Filament Light Bulbs are low voltage and are Edison style bulbs. The bulbs are spaced 18" apart on a Black Wire with 15.75 foot approximate lighted length. These lights can be used for indoor and outdoor use, and it can connect up to 5 sets end-to-end. This light strand is Energy Efficient being: 120Volt to 12 Volts, 4.8 Watts, 0.4 Amps, and they are always cool to the touch.

This Warm White LED Bistro String Lights is made with LED lamps which have an extraordinary long life. The bulbs cannot be changed, and if one burns out the others will stay lit. These lights should not be overloaded and should not be interconnected with different types of string light products.

  • Features:

    Bistro Edison LED String Lights

    • Total Lights: 10 Warm White LED Bulbs
    • Total Length (Approx):16 Feet
    • Lighted Length (Approx): 15.5 Feet
    • Comes with 6 Foot Lead Cord
    • Strand Color: Black
    • Spacing: 18 Inches
    • End to End Connection: Up to 5 Sets
    • Bulb Size: Approx. W 2" x H 2.5"
    • Low Voltage, cool to the touch and rugged durability.
    • Indoor and Outdoor use - Water resistant
    • Uses up to 90% less energy.
  • Great For:
    • Patio lighting
    • Gazebo lighting
    • Porch lighting
    • Outdoor event lighting
    • Restaurant lights
    • Bar lights
    • Cafe/bistro lights

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