Medium Base 330' Strands & Reels

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Experience Brilliance and Versatility with Medium Base 330' Strands & Reels

Medium Base 330' Strands & Reels elevates your lighting with our Medium Base 330' Strands & Reels, designed to add a touch of radiance to any setting, indoors or out. These commercial-grade linear string light strands redefine versatility, illuminating spaces with charm and brilliance.

Commercial Grade Linear String Light Strands are great for lighting festive interiors and exteriors including building outlines, patio lighting, gazebos, porches, tents and many other applications. The medium base sockets are spaced 24" apart with a 24" lead wire requiring the purchase of a 2-Blade Quick Plug found in the Accessories Section to power the lights. What's the difference between the socket bases?

Craftsmanship and Durability

Oogalights Medium Base Strands & Reels are designed to endure a variety of conditions and are made to last. These strands exhibit superior craftsmanship for long-lasting luminosity, whether they are used to create captivating patios or to enhance building outlines.

Medium Base Sockets for Even Illumination

With their medium base sockets carefully spaced 24" apart, these strands guarantee a uniform and well-balanced distribution of light. The medium bases are elegant and functional, adding to the enchanting atmosphere in any space they are placed in.

Understanding the Socket Bases

The medium base sockets are designed for optimal spacing and illumination. Their evenly placed layout ensures a consistent and captivating display of light throughout the strand's length, providing an inviting glow to any area.

Exceptional Performance for All Environments

Experience unparalleled brilliance and endurance with our commercial-grade string lights. Their exceptional luminosity promises an inviting atmosphere for memorable experiences while withstanding diverse environmental demands.

Customize Your Lighting Scheme

Tailor your lighting vision with these sophisticated medium base strands and reels. Blend them with diverse accessories and lighting options to curate a unique ambiance that complements your style and setting.

Illuminate Every Space

Transform any space into a radiant environment with our Medium Base 330' Strands & Reels. Whether illuminating festive events or creating enchanting indoor settings, these lights add an alluring touch to every corner.

Timeless Elegance Redefined

Infuse your space with timeless elegance and captivating brilliance using our Medium Base 330' Strands & Reels. Revel in the perfect harmony of radiant allure, ensuring your lighting leaves a lasting impression.

It concludes realizing your lighting aspirations with our Medium Base 330' Strands & Reels. Let them be the essence of sophistication and luminosity, ensuring your space exudes an unforgettable ambiance.

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