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Elevate Your Space with Commercial Grade Linear String Light Strands: From 21'- 48' -100'

With the help of Oogalights superior Commercial Grade Linear String Light Strands, you can turn any area into a brilliant masterpiece. These strands deliver brilliance that captures the attention of onlookers and improves the ambiance, whether you're illuminating a large event or decorating a cozy patio.

Commercial Grade Linear String Light Strands are great for lighting festive interiors and exteriors including building outlines, patio lighting, gazebos, porches, tents and many other applications. The 21' - 48' - 100' lengths have a 24" lead wire and come ready to plug in!

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21' - 48' - 100' Lengths: Tailored Brilliance for Every Space

Oogalights Commercial Grade Linear String Light Strands come in three distinct lengths, ensuring that you have the perfect fit for your unique lighting needs. The 21-foot strands are ideal for intimate gatherings, while the 48-footers offer a balanced coverage for medium-sized spaces. For grand events or extensive installations, the 100-foot strands create a captivating canvas of light.

24" Lead Wire: Ready to Shine

With a generous 24-inch lead wire, Oogalights Commercial Grade Linear String Light Strands provide flexibility in installation. Whether you're draping them along a rooftop or stringing them through a garden, these strands come ready to plug in, making setup a breeze. Illuminate your space without the hassle.

Medium Base with Plug: Effortless Connectivity

Medium Base with Plug designed with convenience in mind, Oogalights strands feature a medium base with a plug, allowing for seamless connection to power sources. No complex wiring or additional accessories are required. Simply plug in and let the brilliance flow.

Medium Base Suspended with Plug: Versatility Redefined

Our Medium Base Suspended with Plug option offers even greater versatility. Hang these strands from hooks, trees, or any elevated structure to create captivating overhead displays. The suspended design adds a touch of elegance to any setting.

Cord & Bulb Kits: Customize Your Brilliance

Cord & Bulb KitsCord & Bulb Kits for those looking to personalize their lighting experience, Oogalights Cord and bulb Kits offer the freedom to choose the perfect bulbs to complement your space. Mix and match colors, shapes, and styles to create a truly bespoke lighting solution.

Commercial-Grade Durability: Built to Last

Oogalights Commercial Grade Linear String Light Strands are made of the best materials and are built to last. These strands are made to withstand the elements and provide lasting brilliance, whether they are used to illuminate a festive event or add charm to a year-round display.

Endless Applications: From Gazebos to Tents

Oogalights Linear String Light Strands' versatility knows no bounds. Use them to create enchanting gazebos, adorn porches, outline buildings, improve patio ambiances, and add a magical touch to tents. With these strands, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

It concludes, illuminates your space with the unmatched brilliance of Oogalights Commercial Grade Linear String Light Strands. Whether it's a small gathering or a grand celebration, these strands offer a level of radiance that transforms any environment.

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