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Blue Light Bulb 10 Watt S11 Intermediate Base - 25 Pack

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Price: $21.95
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Item Description:

S11 Intermediate Base Light Bulb

10W S11 Blue Light Bulb

Blue 10 watt light bulbs with an S11 intermediate base. The blue light bulb runs up to 8,000 hours on average. Extra thick glass cover with nickel base extends ensures durability even in outdoor conditions. Replace light bulbs from your commercial grade light string with these blue intermediate base commercial light bulbs!

Use with our collection of Commercial Linear Light Strands:

  • Features:
    • Extra thick glass with nickel base ensures durability
    • Long-lasting, waterproof transparent colors are double-dipped for uniformity and color saturation
    • 8,000 hours average life (three times longer than standard specialty lamps) save in both maintenance and replacement costs
    • 130V Operation For Extended Life
    • Extra filament supports extended life in outdoor conditions
    • Sold in multiples of 25 (full boxes) only
    • You may contact us if you require a special order size

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