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C6 Green LED Party String Light Reel - 210 Lights

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Item Description:

Green C6 LED String Light Reel

C6 LED Green Christmas String Lights

Green LED C6 Party String Lights on a reel of 200 string lights. There is a 47.8' lighted length of green C6 LED string lights. You can connect up to 14 reel sets for approximately 660' continuous lights from one power source! The C6 Green LED Light Reel comes with 210 green LED lights on a 49 foot green wire. LED lights have 80 to 90% energy savings and are tested for 20 years/1000,000 hour life span.

C6 green LED light reel

Connect up to 14 light reel sets for approximately 660-feet
of continuous green LED lights from one power source.

green LED christmas string lights

Green LED C6 light reel comes with 210 string lights on a
49 foot green wire.

  • Features:
    • 210 Lights
    • Green C6 LED Lights On A Reel
    • Connect up to 14 strands
    • 47.8' Lighted Length
    • 12" Lead In, 4" Lead out, 3.5" Spacing
    • Green Wire
    • Bulbs measure approx. 1"
    • Stays lit if one goes out
    • Non-Replaceable Bulbs
    • 120 Volt

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   3.0 / 5 • 2 reviews

by on November 2, 2021

The product tested well but isn't scheduled for installation until closer to Xmas

by on October 25, 2018

I have not used these yet. I am hoping that they are the kind that the enter strand stays lite if one bulb goes out. It did not say in the add. It did not give a size in inches either. The language used to describe the bulb size is C and then a number. Unfortunately I don't know what the product number stands for in inches or fraction of inches. That is disappointing as these bulbs are very small and not what I thought they were and wanted in size..

Customer Service on October 25, 2018

Carol, We apologize for not having all the information on this product, we are working on getting this updated. If you had questions about the size of the bulb, it gets very confusing when there are letters and numbers related to the base size and the shape of the bulb, our customer service team would have been happy to assist you. Our office phone number is 224-654-6500 and our office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am to 5pm CST. Thank you, Oogalights

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