C6 Blue LED String Light Reel
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C6 Blue LED Party String Light Reel - 210 Lights

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Item Description:

Blue C6 LED String Light Reel

C6 LED Blue Christmas String Lights

Blue LED C6 Party String Lights on a reel of 200 string lights. There is a 47.8' lighted length of blue C6 LED string lights. You can connect up to 14 reel sets for approximately 660' continuous lights from one power source! The C6 Blue LED Light Reel comes with 210 blue LED lights on a 49 foot green wire. LED lights have 80 to 90% energy savings and are tested for 20 years/1000,000 hour life span.

C6 blue LED light reel

Connect up to 14 light reel sets for approximately 660-feet
of continuous blue LED lights from one power source.

blue LED christmas string lights

Blue LED C6 light reel comes with 210 string lights on a
49 foot green wire.

  • Features:
    • 200 Lights
    • Blue C6 LED Lights On A Reel
    • End-to-End connection
    • Connect up to 14 strands
    • 49' total length
    • 47.8' Lighted Length
    • 12" Lead In, 4" Lead out, 3.5" Spacing
    • Green Wire
    • Bulbs measure approx. 1"
    • Stays lit if one bulb goes out
    • Non-replaceable bulbs
    • 120 volt
    • UL listed
  • UPC018277236046

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