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Shatterproof G40 LED Globe Light Bulb - Plastic - Warm White - E17

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Price: $2.35
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Item Description:

Replacement G40 LED Globe Light Bulb

This is a warm white, energy-saving LED bulb designed to fit E17 intermediate screw base fixtures, commonly found in chandeliers or novelty light strands. The bulb is made of shatterproof plastic, making it ideal for areas where breakage is a concern. Despite its low wattage of 0.65W, this bulb offers equivalent lighting to a 5W incandescent bulb, significantly reducing energy consumption. While not dimmable, this bulb provides a pleasant warm white light for decorative or accent lighting.

  • Features:
    • Bulb Shape: G40
    • Color: Warm White
    • Base: E17 Intermediate
    • Material: Plastic
    • Wattage: .65W
    • Voltage: 120V, Non Dimmable
    • Equivalent Incandescent Wattage: 5W

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   5.0 / 5 • 1 reviews

by on August 21, 2017

These lights are pretty great! We use them in our C9 socket cord for weddings and they work like a charm. They are bright, semi-durable and always in stock. They are still LED- the color they give off is somewhere in the middle between the hard yellow-gold of incandescent lights and the warm white tone of a 5mm LED strand. Shatterproof is an apt description of the bulb. They will not shatter like their glass counterpart, but they will still break. The plastic, as one can imagine in a 2$ bulb, is thin and can be crushed with a hard fist. They still work when the plastic is cracked or broken, but the aesthetic does suffer for it. Be aware that you will have to use a certain amount of caution when using these if you want the lights to last. (still hands down better than any glass I have ever had to work with!) They are not indestructible! I think the only drawback is that they are kind of cheap looking when you see them up close- again, what one would expect with the price. You can see the seam on the tops if you are looking for it and they do get scratched if you take them up and down regularly over hard surfaces. The reason I still give five stars is because no matter how 'meh' they look in your hand, they always look great when they are hung up and the sun goes down, and that is what matters. At the end of the day, they look great when they are hung up and are durable enough to be practical.

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