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Americana Wide-Angle Twinkle LED Light Strand - 50 Lights

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Item Description:

Americana Wide-Angle Twinkle LED Light Strand - 50 Lights

Accent your patriotic party with these cool white, red and blue Americana wide-angle twinkle LED lights. These patriotic lights include all the colors you need for accenting your Americana decorations. These lights have a pattern of 3 steady on cool white bulbs followed by one twinkling red/blue bulb. The total length of this light strand is 25 feet with multiple LED colors. The strand has an end to end connection and can connect up to 80 strands, all while remaining cool to the touch with its extremely efficient 2.4 watts per set.

  • Features:
    • 50 LED Lights
    • Approx. Length: 25 Ft
    • Lighted Length: 24 Ft
    • Bulb Spacing: 6 Inches
    • Lead wire: 4 Inches
    • End wire: 4 Inches
    • Connect End to End
    • Indoor/ Outdoor Use
    • Black cord.
    • Cool to the Touch
    • Energy Efficient; Uses 2.4 Watts per Set

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   5.0 / 5 • 2 reviews

by on June 20, 2024

Very bright, clear and beautiful; certainly they 'light up the night'.

by on June 2, 2024

Very bright/sparkling and absolutely beautiful! Would have liked a longer string option.

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