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Lime Green 5mm Wide-Angle LED Light Strand - 50 Lights

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Item Description:

Lime Green 5mm Wide-Angle LED Light Strand - 50 Lights

Halloween Lime Green 5mm Wide-Angle LED lights on a black cord. These Halloween lime green lights give you the color you need for accenting your spooky decorations. The total length of this lime green light strand is 25.2 feet. The strand is end to end connection and can connect up to 45 strands, all while remaining cool to the touch with its extremely efficient 4.8 watts per set.

  • Features:
    • 50 LED Lime Green Lights
    • Approx. Length: 25.2 Ft
    • Lighted Length: 24.5 Ft
    • Bulb Spacing: 6 Inches
    • Lead wire: 4 Inches
    • End wire: 4 Inches
    • Connect End to End
    • Indoor/ Outdoor Use
    • Black cord.
    • Cool to the Touch
    • Energy Efficient; Uses 4.8 Watts per Set

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