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Medium Base All-In-One Commercial Light Sets

Medium base all in one string light kits come in a multiple different sizes. Check out the 21' All-In-One Sets, the 48' All-In-One Sets, the 54' All-In-One Sets, the 100' All-In-One Sets, or the 330 Foot Commercial Light Strands.

Our medium base all in one light sets are not only put together for a beautiful combination of bulbs and strands for creating the lighting ambiance that puts you above all others but it is constructed with heavy duty material and assembly for long lasting ambiance.

You might also want to take a look at our hanging hardware to make sure your lights are safe, secure and neatly hung.

Unleash Enchanting Illumination with All-In-One String Light Sets - Medium Base: Choose from 21', 48', and 54' Sets!

Transform your surroundings into a magical oasis with Oogalights All-In-One String Light Sets, featuring Medium Base sockets that effortlessly bring radiant illumination to any space. Whether you're hosting a cozy gathering or a grand celebration, these versatile sets offer the perfect solution to create a captivating ambiance. Let's dive into the captivating world of Oogalights 21', 48', and 54' All-In-One String Light Sets and discover how they can elevate your lighting experience.

21' All-In-One String Light Sets: Enchanting Simplicity

Our 21' All-In-One String Light Sets are the epitome of enchanting simplicity. Perfect for intimate gatherings and charming outdoor spaces, these sets feature durable stringers and Medium Base sockets pre-spaced along the cord, creating an elegant and fuss-free lighting solution. With a range of bulb options available, from classic incandescent to energy-efficient LED bulbs, you can choose the perfect ambiance to suit your occasion.

48' All-In-One String Light Sets: Versatility and Elegance

With Oogalights 48' All-In-One String Light Sets enter a world of elegance and adaptability. These sets feature longer stringers, allowing you to cover bigger areas while retaining a polished and stylish attractiveness. They are designed to accommodate different event sizes and lighting requirements. Whether it's an enchanting wedding reception or a lively backyard party, the 48' All-In-One String Light Sets provide a seamless blend of charm and functionality.

54' All-In-One String Light Sets: Embrace Grandeur

Our 54' All-In-One String Light Sets are the ideal choice for those looking for the grandest of illuminations. With these painstakingly designed sets, which exude an alluring light that seizes the hearts of those who witness it, you can embrace the splendor of larger events and settings. The 54' All-In-One String Light Sets are impactful and easy to use, enabling you to concentrate on the beauty of your event rather than the setup.

The Perfect Harmony: Medium Base Sockets and Light Bulbs

Our All-In-One String Light Sets are built around a modular Medium Base socket that can hold a range of light bulbs. Choose from traditional incandescent bulbs for a warm and welcoming glow that transports you back in time, or go with energy-saving LED bulbs for sustainability and long-lasting brilliance. Utilized a wide range of light bulb designs, colors, and wattages to tailor your lighting show to your taste, theme, and mood.

Durable and Weather-Resistant: Built to Last

Our All-In-One String Light Sets - Medium Base is crafted with durability and longevity in mind. Constructed with premium materials and weather-resistant properties, these string lights can withstand various outdoor conditions, allowing you to extend the magic of your events to the great outdoors.

In summary, Oogalights All-In-One String Light Sets - Medium Base, available in 21', 48', and 54' sets, are the epitome of enchanting illumination. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, these sets effortlessly elevate your ambiance with their versatile Medium Base sockets and an array of captivating light bulbs to choose from.

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