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Elevate Your Ambiance with Medium Base String Lights: All-In-One Sets, Professional Lights, Stringers Only, and a Brilliant Array of Light Bulbs!

Welcome to the world of Medium Base String Lights, where enchanting illumination meets limitless creativity. Whether you're decorating for a memorable event or seeking to add a magical touch to your everyday spaces, Oogalights Medium Base String Lights offer the perfect solution with a diverse selection of All-In-One String Light Sets, Professional String Lights, Stringers Only, and an impressive array of light bulbs.

Heavy Duty Outdoor String Lights

Also take a look at our C9 Intermediate Base Outdoor String Lights and C7 Candelabra Base Outdoor String Lights.

Commercial grade medium base light strands are not only great looking outdoor light strands for everyday use all year round but they are also made from with heavy duty construction. Our HD Pro commercial string lights have weather-proof sockets that form a seal around the light bulb to keep the elements out.

Medium Base sockets are the same size sockets of your every day light bulb.

Shop our Medium Base All-In-One Sets or Medium Base Light Strands Only. You may also require Medium Base Light Bulbs or Hanging Hardware.

All-In-One String Light Sets: Effortless Brilliance, Unforgettable Moments

Discover the ease and beauty of Oogalights All-In-One String Light Sets thoughtfully designed to make your lighting experience seamless and hassle-free. Each set comes complete with everything you need: sturdy stringers, medium base sockets, light bulbs, and more. With easy installation and convenient pre-assembled sets, you can effortlessly transform any space into a captivating wonderland.

Professional String Lights: Tailored Brilliance for Your Vision

For the discerning decorator seeking a personal touch Oogalights Professional String Lights offer the freedom to curate your lighting display.

Stringers Only: Empower Your Creativity

Our Stringers Only option gives you the basis to design your lighting masterpiece for the highest level of creative expression. You can create a captivating show that perfectly expresses the spirit of your event by combining different bulb designs, colors, and wattages with only the stringers at your disposal.

A Dazzling Array of Light Bulbs: From Classic to Contemporary

Add some eye-catching light bulbs to go with your Medium Base String Lights choose from traditional incandescent bulbs to create a warm, nostalgic glow that brings back old memories. Alternatively, embrace the energy-efficient brilliance of LED bulbs, providing a modern and eco-friendly lighting solution.

Durability Meets Safety: Enjoy Peace of Mind

In summary, Medium Base String Lights offer the ideal solution to elevate your ambiance with All-In-One String Light Sets, Professional String Lights, Stringers Only, and an extensive selection of light bulbs.

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