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Multi Color S14 Medium Base String Light Bulbs - 11W - 25 Pack

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Price: $24.95
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Item Description:

S14 Medium Base Light Bulbs

Multi Color S14 Light Bulb Kit

Multi Color Light Bulb Kit includes 25 high quality light bulbs in 5 colors. The different color light bulbs and quantities are 5 red light bulbs, 5 green light bulbs, 5 blue light bulbs, 5 amber light bulbs and 5 yellow light bulbs. Use these color assorted light bulbs to decorate your commercial light strand. Transparent light bulbs have a long life, lasting up to 5,000 hours each (3 times longer than standard lamps).

Use with our collection of Commercial Linear Light Strands:

multi color assorted S14 light bulb kit

S14 transparent color assorted bulb kit is great for any medium
base commercial light strand for holiday or festive lighting occasions.

  • Features:
    • 5 Red Bulbs
    • 5 Green Bulbs
    • 5 Blue Bulbs
    • 5 Amber Bulbs
    • 5 Yellow Bulbs
    • Extra thick glass with nickel base ensures durability
    • Long-lasting, waterproof transparent colors are double-dipped for uniformity and color saturation
    • Estimated 3,000 - 5,000 hours average life (3x longer than standard specialty lamps) save in both maintenance and replacement costs
    • 130V Operation For Extended Life
    • Extra filament supports extended life in outdoor conditions
    • Sold in multiples of 25 (full boxes) only
    • You may contact us if you require a special order size

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   4.8 / 5 • 43 reviews

by on March 9, 2023

It's nice to use color lights outside instead of white/clear lights all the time. These are durable and tolerate the weather well.

by on June 6, 2022

Great lights! Perfect size and color. The glass bulb is colored, not clear with a colored filament like others. Great price too.

by on November 11, 2021

We were so glad to find these, as closed bulbs are not in any store to fit our light string.

by on August 5, 2021

The picture illustrates 5 different colors; I only received blue colored bulbs, red colored bulbs, and the rest were all white. This did not allow me to create the effect I wanted. I was disappointed with the product.

Customer Service on August 5, 2021

Hello, Thank you for your review, however this is the first we are hearing of the issue. It sounds like you were sent the red, white and blue multicolor pack by mistake. We have tried to reach out by phone multiple times with no response and also sent an email regarding your issue. Please reach out to us by phone or email in order to get this resolved. Thank you, Oogalights Customer Service

by on June 29, 2021

On time and on target!

by on March 22, 2021

Thank you again for your great service. It’s to bad you don’t do special orders as I am stuck with 20 extra lights

by on December 17, 2020

These lights fit in perfectly with the string lights we already had in our yard, allowing us to spruce those lights up for Christmas. I was amazed at the value and quality! Bulbs were individually packaged, each in their own fitted cardboard box, which will work perfectly for long term storage. 10/10 would purchase again.

by on December 12, 2020

Just what was expected...they look great.

by on December 11, 2020

The lights are awesome, delivered fast. Thank you

by on December 10, 2020

Great product. Shipping was slow.

Customer Service on December 11, 2020

Hello, I am sorry your product did you not to your quickly. In the future you can always call and pay for expedited shipping. The order was place on Friday night and shipped on Monday as we are closed on the weekends. The average delivery to California is 4 to 5 day with that being a bit longer during the holidays as stated on the website. Thank you, Oogalights Customer Service

by on December 10, 2020

These colored lights look so festive

by on December 9, 2020

They’re a great addition to our Christmas decorations.

by on December 9, 2020

Excellent for the Christmas season! Suggestion: would like the yellow/amber color to be more noticeably different. They look nearly the same when lit at night.

by on December 8, 2020

Good quality. Fair price for 25 bulbs.

by on December 7, 2020

Great colored lights They work great !

by on December 7, 2020

Lights look awesome at night, but I think they are a little bit over priced.

by on December 6, 2020

Installed these in a 11 watt backyard patio string light setup for Christmas time. Lights are very true to color and look very nice. After Christmas we will remove and install the original white lights until next year. These color bulbs are Edison style and package well. All worked out of the box. Also, super fast shipping!

by on December 5, 2020

Very impressed with the way they were packed for shipping.

by on December 1, 2020

Just what I wanted

by on November 29, 2020

Thank you for the speedy delivery!!!

by on November 24, 2020

Perfect light replacements.

by on September 30, 2020

Arrived undamaged. Seems to work fine. Thank you.

by on September 13, 2020

This multi colored bulb set was exactly what I was looking for to change up my string of patio lights for Christmas. Packaging was done very well, no problems experienced.

by on August 20, 2020

Good quality for the price.

by on July 27, 2020

Exactly what we needed to add a little color to our strings of white patio lights

by on July 22, 2020

These bulbs are great for the commercial type sting lights. By the way yo can buy those here. I really like the bright colors even though the bulbs are not that bright. Perfect for a patio.

by on July 13, 2020

Really good looking for the money

by on July 5, 2020

I love the white lights that I currently have and we are going to replace Some of the white lights with color! I can’t wait to see how they look! Thank you!!!

by on June 29, 2020

Just what I was looking for.

by on June 28, 2020

Just what I needed & arrived in good condition.

by on June 14, 2020

Great price and perfect for my outdoor string lights

by on May 26, 2020

Good quality. Fast delivery!

by on May 25, 2020

I was able to buy replacement bulbs for my existing string lights outside my camper. They were easy to find on the website and I was able to save money by not purchasing a whole new set. There are several bulbs out that I will be able to replace easily and I will have several extras on hand in case more need replacing. They arrived promptly and were well packaged so there was no damage. Two thumbs up.

by on May 24, 2020

Hope they last.....won't know until prolonged use

by on May 11, 2020

The lights look terrific around our gazebo.

by on May 3, 2020

These lights are perfect for our string lights on our front porch...we have colors for all the holidays!

by on April 27, 2020

Blue Bulbs color is fading and were outside for 2 weeks

by on December 15, 2019

Haven’t received them yet.

by on December 10, 2019

Have not yet received the product.

by on July 5, 2019

good value

by on March 18, 2019

don't know yet have not received them

by on November 21, 2018

These bulbs have great color and just the right amount of brightness. Given that the bulbs are semi-transparent, the true color really shines. Your display area will look professionally-done so expect compliments from those viewing your décor.

by on November 22, 2017

Great customer service ordered lights arrived quickly one didn’t work and they shipped me a new one immediately. Very happy would us them again.

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